Here are a few herbs you may want to grow. Most can be purchased from your local garden center in the spring.
You can purchase seeds and start them indoors before the last frost but I prefer to purchase the small plants when they are available in local garden centers. Most herbs require full sun and well drained soil.

parsley..........more than a garnish, use it in salads and dishes. There are several varieties, the flat seems to be easier to grow than the curley.
celantro..........absolutely necessary in salsa, but try a little finely chopped in salad. Difficult to grow, they usually go to seed very quickly. But save the seeds, that's coleander.
chives..........great in soups and salads. Very easy to grow and when protected grows year around.
oregano.........makes a nice ground cover and grows year around in the south.
basil..........there are many varieties, you should try more than one. In a small herb garden they will reseed themselves, usually.
rosemary........beautiful shrub, cold hardy and easy to care for. Great for roast beef and chicken. Adding a bit of rosemary to hamburger patty mixtures before cooking may help reduce the formation of carcinogenic compounds.
thyme..........a variety of uses, include a few sprigs on the coals when grilling.
dill..........more than for pickeling, add a small amount to soups.
sage..........nice plant and it has many uses, especially good with chicken.
Look for special recipes for "fresh" herbs on our recipe page.

Use these herbs in your fresh green salads:

Use these herbs when cooking meat:

Use these herbs for stews, soups, and sauces:

If you like the taste of a particular herb don't be afraid to use it different dishes.
A little "Tobasco Sauce" will help bring out the flavors of meats and vegetables without making it spicy.

If you buy and use prepaired herbs, buy the smallest container and don't keep them more than a few months.
Whenever possible use fresh herbs, your finished dish will taste much better.

Fresh herbs and be frozen or dehydrated for later use in cooking. Only fresh herbs should be used in salads.